Iglu’s second office in Chiang Mai is located in the popular and trendy Nimmanhaemin Road area—usually called “Nimman” for short. Until about 10 years ago Nimman was quite a sleepy neighborhood. Sitting half-way between Chiang Mai University and the Old City, Nimman got its start as an area for cheap restaurants and low-key bars popular with students and NGO workers.

Somewhere along the line, Nimman got a reputation for being the cool part of Chiang Mai. Lots of condominiums and apartments went up to accommodate an influx of foreign residents and transplanted Thais from Bangkok. Coffee shops sprouted up like mushrooms in the rainy season. As more tourists found out about Nimman, boutique hotels and fashion outlets multiplied.

Shops down one of Nimman’s sois

Today Nimman is home to some of the best restaurants and coffee shops in Chiang Mai. It boasts the city’s hippest bars and nightclubs. All the latest Hollywood movies can be seen at SFX Cinema in the newly build Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center.

Most of the real action in Nimman doesn’t take place on Nimman Road itself, but rather on the side streets. Each “soi” (Thai for “side street”) is numbered, with the odd sois on the east side and the even numbered sois on the west side of the main road. The odd numbered sois fill up the area between Nimmanhaemin Rd and Siri Mangalajarn Rd. This is where the bulk of the cool restaurants and coffee shops can be found.

Doi Suthep mountain, west of Chaing Mai

Most of the large apartment buildings and condos are on the west side of Nimman Road, where there is a better view of the mountains if you get a room facing the right direction.

The west side of Nimman is also where some of the biggest nightclubs can be found. Warm Up, Tawan Dang, and Infinity are three of the most popular ones. Warm Up is the most popular club with university students. It’s a huge place with several different rooms of music and dancing, and it gets very crowded on weekends. Tawan Dang has a large stage and features live bands playing Thai country music. Infinity is more posh and gets going later than the others.

Sushi, Korean BBQ, Italian, sandwiches, salads, grilled chicken, and Burmese cuisine are just a few of the eating options in the Nimman area. Cheap eats are available too. Not more than 50 meters from the Iglu office is a lunch place serving all sorts of Thai favorites at very reasonable prices. Single-plate dishes run around 35 baht (US$1), making it very popular with local office workers.


The Iglu office is set back in a hidden residential corner of the Nimman area. It’s conveniently positioned just a few blocks from the main street, while at the same time occupying a quiet spot with little traffic. The secure entrance uses a fingerprint scanner. There are three floors of work areas with a kitchen on the ground floor.


Everyone’s favorite part of the kitchen is the Breville espresso machine, where Iglu employees can play barista and power up on complementary coffee.


Work areas consist of one large L-shaped room on the second floor, a meeting room on the third, and several smaller rooms suitable for teams of four.

The main work room has desk space for about 8 workers plus a few standing desks. Flatscreen monitors are available for those wanting more screen real estate. The meeting room also has a nice big flatscreen TV and whiteboard.


Iglu’s Nimman office is the perfect place to work from for those who want to be right in the center of the action in Chiang Mai.