Cloudemy by Iglu

Ignite your career with the Iglu Cloudemy

Fully Paid AWS Graduate Training Program for Thai IT Talents

Planned Start Date 19th October


The Cloud Computing Trend. 

As the business world is moving more of their IT infrastructure towards “Cloud” services, Iglu is expanding our cloud team to meet the demand. 

The Iglu ‘Cloudemy’ has been established in line with our recent AWS partnership

The program aims to develop Thai National Talents to be Certified AWS Practitioners

Successful applicants will experience active learning projects with professionals from related business units. 

Selected Talents will get a chance to develop 

  • Soft skills
    • Email etiquette / writing style
    • Async vs. Sync communication
    • Basic presentation skills
  • Technical skill
    • Software Development 
    • Cloud Computing and Infrastructure 
    • Project Management

We are looking for “Highly Driven” and prospective “Talents”, to be part of our growing team. Great Career Development and beautiful working environment awaits.

This is a full time paid employment. Selected talent will initially embark 4 month training program organised by Iglu.

amazon web services

Program Structure:

thai startup

Training & Tutorials

Selected talents will be learning from our experienced employees.

MVP Project

implement the learning project to build an MVP. It’s best to learn while doing projects. This will be done in week-long sprints  with Planning meetings and retrospective meetings each week.

All code is submitted as a pull request


All participants will be assessed during the programme and final assessment will be at the end of the programme.


All our Iglu Cloudemy intake will receive the following benefits:


Enjoy networking and collaborating with our community of over 250 digital professionals.

Non-Immigrant B visa

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Career Development

You will be able to choose futher specialisations and project experience aiding your professional life.

Work permit

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Excellent Working Environment

On completion you will be able to work from any of our state of the art modern offices across Thailand.

Income taxes

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AWS Certification

The initial course will get you AWS Practitioner certified. After you will be able to choose other AWS specialisations.

Healthcare plan

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Udemy Account

You will get access to our company online training courses. Get certified in many other areas.

Office space

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Social Security

Alongside social security, you will also be enrolled in our group insurance on successful completion.

Access new opportunities

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Cool Workspace

Our Bangkok office, located in the Trendy Building on Sukhumvit 13, has amazing facilities including hot desks, meeting rooms, freshly-ground coffee and chill out areas.

We think you will love this modern working environment. After your workday, you can make use of the fitness and swimming pool facilities of the building.

At Iglu you will get to work in an international work setting, with IT specialists from all over the world. 

This will help you to learn and understand more about international business practices. 

Our Bangkok management team will be here to look after you and help you fit in with the office culture and activities. 

About Your Instructor

Shawn Macintyre

Shawn was the former Technical Director in Electronic Art’s SPORTS Online group.

Focused on building highly scalable web applications to provide console-to-web connectivity, Shawn helped introduce AWS to the team.

Shawn has been professionally developing on AWS for over 10 years and online applications for more than 20 years.

He holds the AWS DevOps Professional certification.

Shawn also started and grew a custom software company focused on developing scalable backend game services, mobile and web applications, for the game companies using AWS, with clients including: EA, Epic Games, LucasArts, and Jagex.

What You'll Learn:

  • Command line tools
  • Bash scripting
  • Single purpose tooling
  • File based IO and pipes
  • Password managers
  • MFA
  • OpenPGP
  • Email etiquette / writing style
  • Async vs. Sync communication
  • Under promise / over deliver
  • Making and breaking down arguments 
  • Basic presentation skills
  • HTTP
  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • Building for testability / TDD / writing unit and integration tests
  • High Availability
  • Event Driven Applications
  • General distributed computing patterns
  • Git (Code repository & version control)
    • How to perform pull requests
    • How to merge
    • How to rebase
    • Signing commits
    • Branching methodology: git-flow
  • VS Code
    • AWS Toolkit
    • Github integration
  • AWS Documentation and how to find things
  • AWS Console
  • CloudFormation + SAM
  • Route53
  • S3 + Glacier
  • CloudFront
  • Lambda + API Gateway
  • DynamoDB and single table design
  • AWS Amplify + AppSync
  • SQS, SNS, EventBridge
  • Cognito + OAuth2
  • CI/CD with AWS CodeCommit/Build/Deploy/Pipeline
  • Security: IAM, STS, Config, Guard Duty, etc
  • Monitoring: CloudWatch Alarms/Metrics/Logs
  • Email with SES
  • Analytics intro (Logs => Firehose => S3 => Athena => CW Metrics/Alerts)
  • React+Redux or Hooks
  • AWS Amplify 
  • Apollo GraphQL client
  • SPA Architecture / routing 
  • Security
  • Development methodology: Scrum
  • ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagrams)
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Diagramming AWS systems
  • Estimating AWS costs
  • DRY/SOLID/etc
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • Systems thinking

Requirements for qualification

  • Thai Nationality.
  • Bachelor or Master graduates preferably with 2.75 GPA and above in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or related fields with outstanding practical experience.
  • 1 – 2 years Experience.
  • Certified in English is a must (TOEIC Score more than 550 or other equivalent English certificates) 
  • Self-motivated
  • Has strong leadership, adaptability to change, problem solving skill, and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work as a team (MUST HAVE)
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Good command of English (both spoken and written)

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