Iglu HQ Renovation Progress Update – February 2018

Ryan Zander
21st February 2018

Iglu’s Mae Hia HQ office renovation is well-underway and should be finished in a couple months. The head office, located in the leafy southwest outskirts of Chiang Mai, has been undergoing some major reconstruction since the third quarter of last year.

According to Iglu CEO Ozzi Jarvinen, the office is expected to be completed by Mid Summer and is actually progressing ahead of schedule.

Renovation work involved gutting most of the existing building structure, with pretty much just the foundation, roof, and exterior walls remaining.


If the architecture renderings are anything to go by, the finished office should be a thing of beauty.


The revamped office will have a capacity for 45 work stations, located in three wings that make a U-shape around a central courtyard. The old fish pond has been removed from this courtyard and will be replaced by a green area with some outdoor seating.

office plan

The plans call for an enlarged large lounge area with a billiards table as before, but the main entrance way will now be where the kitchen once was.


The toilets have also been relocated to the northwest corner of the property and expanded in capacity—which should be a relief to many.

A large meeting room with seating for 12 will be located off the lounge in roughly the same location as the previous meeting room, and there’s a possibility of adding a second, 2-person meeting room which would be ideal for taking Skype calls and for 1-on-1 meetings with clients.


Iglu’s eskimos love their coffee, and the new “coffee corner” placed in front of the building is one of the highlights of the new design.

coffee corner

Another big highlight is the 15x6m swimming pool and sauna being installed. While the thought of sitting inside a steaming hot room may boggle the minds of Iglu’s Thai staff, the many northern European employees will surely enjoy the touch of home that a sauna provides.


The swimming pool is bound to be universally enjoyed and will get plenty of use. An afternoon splash sounds like a perfect de-stressor and a fun way to keep fit, too.

Assuming everything stays on schedule, Iglu employees in Chiang Mai should be able to work from the fantastic new HQ starting this Summer.

See you there!