Full Stack Developer (React, Typescript)



Remote, including Iglu locations or Thailand

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100,000 - 140,000 THB/Month

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team. Our team is focused on building custom applications that meet our client’s business needs. Our clients include both local Thai companies and global businesses based around the world. We hope you will join our dedicated team and help to build these applications.

For web frontends, we develop with Typescript, React, Tailwind CSS, and Graphql. On the backend we build modern serverless cloud native applications on AWS using Typescript, CDK, AppSync, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS, Step Functions, Event Bridge, SQS, SNS, S3, and CloudFront. Your role as a full stack developer will be helping build these applications.

On some projects you may also work together with our mobile development team which develops Flutter and Dart applications.

One of our core principles is working closely with clients; we try to keep them involved and engaged in the development process. Our development team regularly communicates directly with clients. Small regular feedback keeps projects on track and helps the client understand and appreciate the development effort.

Our next core principle is reproducibility. Making sure that we can reliably deliver solutions to our clients. This involves following best practices like Infrastructure as Code (IaC via AWS CDK), using Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI/CD using Github Actions and Code Pipeline), and testing (unit, integration, and end-to-end). You should be comfortable writing tests and understand what makes testable code.

This is a fully remote position. You may work from home anywhere in Thailand, but you can also use our offices in Bangkok and Chiang Mai if you like. No frequent traveling to offices required.

We welcome applications from all qualified candidates who already live in Thailand or are willing to move to Thailand very soon. Visa and work permit provided if needed.


Key responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Building full stack web applications; helping on the frontend, backend, and infrastructure
    • Including writing test and ensuring the reproducibility of the project
    • Thinking about the end user’s perspective to make sure we deliver highly usable and robust software
  • Owning a particular area or vertical; proactively solving problems in that domains; and, demonstrating architectural and systems thinking
  • Managing your work during a sprint and raising up potential blockers before they occur
    • Including taking on tasks that require you to collaborate with others and being able to understand these task in the context of the sprint’s goals
  • Communicating with clients; asking them questions; and understanding how a project relates to a client’s business goals and making suggestions on how to best meet those goals
  • Interacting with the open source community by selecting and evaluating which libraries to use and submitting well written bug reports and pull requests
  • Participating in interviewing potential new team members
  • Staying on top of how the industry changes and new innovations: always be learning



Qualifications include:

  • Minimum 3 years experience building web frontends with Javascript is required
    • This should include building SPAs with React and Redux
    • This should include experience working with Restful APIs
    • Experience building web frontends with Typescript is highly desired
    • Experience building web frontends with Graphql and Apollo Client is highly desired
  • Experience with Tailwind CSS or other utility-first CSS framework highly desired
  • Experience with a cloud platform and holding a certification with AWS or Azure is highly desired 
    • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (CloudFormation, CDK, Terraform, etc) is highly desired
    • Experience with SQL is highly desired
  • Experience with Git, GitHub, and Agile development methodologies is required
    • Experience with Github Actions is highly desired
  • Comfort with the Unix command line and the ability to automate tasks with bash scripts  is required
  • Business level command of English is required


About Iglu 

Iglu is an international company with offices around the world. We are organized to maximize a sustainable work-life balance for our employees, whilst delivering an efficient, productive, and high-quality service for our clients.

Join our community of like-minded digital professionals and access opportunities to work in a whole new way. You will be part of an amazing group of people with a flexible company culture that encourages you to enjoy life and thrive.

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