Italian/Thai Content Writer – Bangkok, Thailand



Thailand, Bangkok

Contract Type

Full Time, Part Time


35,000 - 45,000THB

We are looking for a copywriter who knows and can write in the proper Italian language. The copywriter’s job will be to write content according to the given indications and upload them to the respective websites.


Ideal profile:

  • Bilingual Thai/Italian (typically people who have one Thai parent and one Italian or who has studied/lived in Italy for a long time and master the written language)
  • Likes to write and is passionate about web content writing
  • Likes web and use the internet regularly to find information, read and keep up to date (using the internet for Facebook or youtube only that’s not the case) 


Job description:

  • Write articles and contents in Italian following provided briefings and indications
  • Update, rewrite existing contents according to given instructions
  • Topics the candidate will have to write about: photography, technology, home fitness, home, beauty and cosmetics, finance (it is not necessary for the candidate to have specific knowledge in any of these topics)
  • Topic, details and structure of the content to write will be always given


Required skills:

  • Good knowledge of the written language and ability to write in proper Italian (this skill is the most important)
  • Good communication skills and positive attitude
  • The candidate knows what it means to write content for web (which is different from writing for other media)
  • Willingness to learn and improve on how to communicate and write content for web
  • Able to write text contents by following guidelines and given structures (the candidate must be able to write following the given briefings and instructions)  
  • Proactive, independent and skilled in using the internet to find information
  • Ability to recognize authoritative sources and fake news (the candidate must be able to recognize trusted and non trusted websites)  
  • Organize her/his job independently and ability to carry out tasks to fulfill deadlines


Facultative skills (these conditions are relevant but not strictly required):

  • SEO knowledge: the candidate knows what SEO (search engine optimization) is or has an idea of what it is
  • Internet search engines knowledge: the candidate knows how internet search engines works to classify sites and results
  • The candidate has already experience in web content production  
  • English language: written and spoken


Salary and workplace:

  • Full time (preferred) or part time is also accepted
  • Workplace: remotely mainly / Iglu office (if the candidate is based close to an Iglu office) 
  • Monthly salary for full time job: 35 – 45k baht (precise amount will be determined according to the candidate level and facultative skills)
  • Monthly salary for part time job: 17 – 22k baht (precise amount will be determined according to the candidate level and facultative skills)



Interested candidates are requested to submit:

  • CV 
  • at least one article/content in Italian (personal blogs or personal websites, online publications, articles posted on other websites, online portfolios, etc, are also accepted, if in Italian) 

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