Senior Frontend Engineer



Remote, including Iglu locations or Thailand

Contract Type



100,000-140,000 THB/ Month

We are looking for a Senior Front-End Engineer to join our team. We build custom web and mobile software for clients using Typescript, React, Graphql, and AWS. The applications we build are highly interactive. Our clients include both local Thai companies and global businesses based around the world. 

This is a full-time position. Initially, you will join a long-running client project building a SaaS solution for a multinational client. Later you may be assigned to work on other projects. 

This work can be done fully remotely during Thailand office hours, but you may also choose to work onsite at any Iglu office in Thailand.


Main responsibilities:

  • You will be one of the senior members of a multinational development team
  • Focus on the front-end of highly interactive web-based applications
  • Managing your work during a sprint and raising up potential blockers before they occur
  • Owning a particular area or vertical; proactively solving problems in that domain; and, demonstrating architectural and systems thinking
  • Taking on tasks that require you to collaborate with others, including potential clients. Being able to understand these tasks in the context of the sprint’s goals
  • Understanding how a project relates to a client’s business goals and making suggestions on how to best meet those goals
  • Mentoring other more junior engineers to help build the team’s expertise
  • Interacting with the open source community by selecting and evaluating which libraries to use and submitting well-written bug reports and pull requests
  • Thinking about the end user’s perspective to make sure we deliver highly usable and robust software
  • Have a solid understanding of the SDLC (Software Development LifeCycle)
  • Staying on top of how the industry changes and new innovations: always be learning


Required qualifications:

  • Have experienced more than 5 years in React
  • Strong with the following:
    • Core Technologies: Typescript, React, React’s Context API, GraphQL, SPAs (Single Page Applications)
    • Other technologies: TailwindCSS, HTML Canvas drawing, Konva, XState, Nx, Jest, and Cypress
    • ​​We collaborate using: Git, Github (Projects and PRs), VSCode, and Figma
  • Nice to have but not required:
    • AWS CDK, AppSync, DynamoDB, CloudFront, S3, SQS, Event Bridge, Lambda


About Iglu 

Iglu is an international company with offices around the world. We are organized to maximize a sustainable work-life balance for our employees, whilst delivering an efficient, productive, and high-quality service for our clients.

Join our community of like-minded digital professionals and access opportunities to work in a whole new way. You will be part of an amazing group of people with a flexible company culture that encourages you to enjoy life and thrive.

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