Senior Software Engineer (Blockchain Project)




Contract Type



Negotiable depending on experience

Our client provides blockchain solutions for modern problems faced by business and government. Our primary offering is a trading platform for water markets in Australia. We are a local startup that has been running for four years in the Australian market, and is now expanding overseas, primarily to the United States and Europe.
• Lean, agile, and progressive culture
• Values work/life balance – distributed workplace (work-from-home / favourite co-working)
• Cutting-edge technology and processes
Job Description
The role is for a general web developer. While they are a blockchain company, the majority of code generated is not in Smart Contracts, but standard web development technologies, most notably NodeJS and React. They have also done projects in Angular, Ember, and Svelte.
For blockchain applications their primary tool is Ethereum, which they code with Solidity, but they are increasingly using daml for more enterprise solutions. They would also welcome skills in any alternative smart contract technology, such as EOS, Cardano, Hashgraph or Corda. Haskell specifically would be well regarded.
They work in a standard Agile (Scrum) approach, with two-week sprints and careful planning. They work hard to maintain a “pure” scrum approach, and to ensure that they build both the best products and the best company possible.
The Tech Stack
They are enthusiastically agnostic towards technologies and will use the best solution for any given problem. They have particularly not settled on a backend technology and use NodeJS largely by default. This role is an opportunity to help define and recommend technology. Nevertheless, we have used the following, in no real order of importance.
• NodeJS
• React
• Adonis
• TypeScript • Solidity
• Kubernetes • EmberJS
• PostgreSQL • GraphQL
• Sequelize
Role Specifics
• Plan, architect and develop new features
• Participate in Agile process
• Produce documentation, diagrams, and other artefacts
• Assistance with proposals and tenders
Must-have skills
• They expect a developer with strong commercial experience in general web development, who has an interest and enthusiasm for blockchain and other emerging and transformative technologies
• Strong commercial JavaScript skills – especially NodeJS and React
• An interest in (ideally experience with) Blockchain technologies
• Experience with modern web dev tools and approaches such as Agile, version control, etc
• Any non-JS backend language (Go, PHP, C#, Python)
Valued skills
They would highly regard any skills outside of the above boxes that can provide value, especially in areas of emerging technology – Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IOT.
• Solidity or other blockchain development skills
• DevOps experience, especially with AWS
• Backend development in a range of languages
• Haskell, Rust, or Kotlin experience
• Any experience with a range of JS frameworks – React, Ember, Svelte, Angular, etc
• Enterprise architecture knowledge
Team culture
Their culture is one of open communication and technical skill. They have a flat structure and communicate equally in an ego-free space where all ideas are discussed. It should go without saying that they are an equal opportunity workplace, and not in a lip-service kind of way.
• Strongly competitive salary
• Opportunity for learning and professional growth
• Flexibility in working hours and a genuinely caring team
• Focus on work/life balance and meaningful cooperation.

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