Complete Stack Developer and Architect

I can help you to quickly take your visions into production. Producing scalable, secure, and cost efficient Cloud Native serverless applications. I’ve been building on AWS for 10 years and developing software professionally for 20 years. I prefer to take a whole system perspective when architecting and building a solution. Building applications that are supported by best practises like CI/CD, TDD, monitoring, logging, alerting, disaster planning, and performance testing. This is ensures your business needs are developed and operated with the same care as if you were building them yourself.


Amazon CloudFormation, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS SQS, Backend development, Cloud Technology (AWS), Continuous Integration, Git, Git-Flow, HTTP/HTTPS, Python3, UNIX Shell Script (Bash)

Agile/Scrum/Kanban, Amazon DNS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Lambda, Amazon RDS, Amazon SDK, Amazon SNS, AWK, AWS ALB, AWS Boto 3, Distributed computing, Event Driven Architecture, Groovy, High Availability, HTML5 programming, Linux/Unix, Mac OSX, PostgreSQL, Scala, scalability, sed, Serverless, Serverless Architecture, SOLID Principles, Structured Query Language, System Architecht, Unit testingm, Vim

High Competence
Akka, Amazon Cognito, Amazon SES, AWS Cognito, AWS Gateway API, AWS VPC, Continuous Delivery, CSS, Email protocols, Flask/Bottle, Frontend programmering, Functional Programming, GitHub, Gradle, Grails, HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, httpd, JavaScript, Mentoring/Coach, Microservice Architecture, Perforce Version Control System, PostgreSQL administration, Serverless Framework, SQLAlchemy, Swift 5, Technical Lead, Test Driven Development, xUnit

Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat, Apple IOS, AWS CodeDeploy, Docker, ELM-Lang, Haskell, HTTP/2, iOS XCode, Java development, nginx, OAuth 2.0, OCAML, Perl-programmering, React.js, ReasonML, Ruby, Spring Boot, Subversion (SVN), Swift server-side, SwiftUI, Twisted, WebSockets


Native or bilingual proficiency
Elementary proficiency
Elementary proficiency


Chiang Mai




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