Full-Stack Javascript Developer

I started out developing websites at the young age of 10 years old, working and developing popular flash portlan websites such as Newgrounds.com, and sticksuicide.com (a stick figure flash animation portal) in the year 2000-2002, before YouTube was in popular existence. After graduating with a degree in psychology/human computer interaction from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, I decided to re-pursue a career in web development. I was offered to help a web startup company grow and was hired as the first employee for GRAYBOX creative in Portland as a web developer. At Graybox, I was responsible for an entire development team developing sites in many different CMS’s and languages. Six years later, the agency had relocated 4 times and grown to 30+ employees and was recognized as a top 100 fastest growing companies in the US. After working the agency life for a while, I was offered a paid 3-month sabbatical. Of which I chose to travel to Thailand in late 2018. I continued to work on other contractual projects as a freelancer throughout my sabbatical and decided that it was time to fully commit to the freelancer lifestyle as it allowed me to write code in a much more freely manner.


big commerce, Bootstrap 4, Contentful, CSS3, eCommerce, ExpressionEngine, Foundation 6, Gatsby.js, HTML/CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Magento, MySQL, Netlify, Netlify cms, NetSuite, NextJS, PHP 7, phpStorm, SCSS/Bootsrap, Shopify, SuiteCommerce, Twig, Zurb Foundation

Craft by InVision, JavaScript, PHP, ReactJS application development, Vue.js

High Competence
AngularJS, AWS, NuxtJS

Project Management


Native or bilingual proficiency
Elementary proficiency






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