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I have been working for more than 30 years, integrating financial accounting systems, for large companies around the world. Often a large organisation adopts a "Best of Breed" approach in local offices. This is where they may have a large ERP system at H.Q. and multiple, more specialised systems at regional offices. This is quite typical in the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation, not for profit, defence, consumer finance and facilities management industries. The best of breed systems provide specialised functionality at the coal face and are all integrated to each other, then they are integrated to central financial systems at H.Q.

My skillset is unusual in that it includes both technical software and financial accounting knowledge. This allows me the ability to review a deployment plan that a large industrial organisation may have for it’s operational systems on a global scale, then create an integration solution which will see large amounts of data gathered from where it is generated and filtered through to local and centralised financial systems, quickly and accurately, with as little manual intervention as possible. Further it means I can lead a development team to design, build and implement such an integration solution.

I had my first computer game (pong) when I was 12 and my first computer when I was 14. An Atari 400, on which I wrote my first game. My first job was working as a COBOL developer back in the days when computers filled rooms and were give their instruction sets on punch cards!

I am a technology enthusiast who has exposure to a broad range of technology hardware from home automation (IoT), digital imaging (DSLR photography), Digital Music Production, Virtual Reality through to electrically assisted bicycles! If it has some sort of tech attached, chances are I’ve played with it. This is not only because I’m a bit of a geek at heart, but also because I find that a broad understanding of what technology is available leads to being able to come up with inventive solutions in business.

In addition to this I have authored several books on software and travelled the world, gaining exposure to many different cultures, most recently having spent 10 years living in Vietnam and now residing in Thailand.



Integration, Microsoft Office, Software design

Very High Competence

Accounting, Financial Markets, Python, SQL, Technical Writing, VBA

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Photography and retouching


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