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I have been doing software all my life, since primary school. For the past 5 years I have been working as professional software engineer, both full time and as a freelancer. Most of my work is in Android. I have a lot of experience working with legacy/undocumented code and I can navigate such codebase effortlessly. I worked on a big enterprise projects as well as small apps. I also have brief experience with Spring/Java web development, little bit of PHP/Laravel and PLSQL.
I can do anything software engineering related, I am quick learner and can work on my own.
I have over two years of remote experience.

I am 28 years old and I am a software engineer by passion 🙂 In my free time, I like to go to the gym, go biking do some people-watching at the local craft beer bar. I had recently moved to Thailand but had to go back due to a family emergency related to covid. I am looking to get back to Thailand, where I left all my assets. I do not need relocation assistance. I have recently got into electronic music production, I bought my first synth and have lots of fun with it (although, I am really bad). I love animals, I used to have a british shorthair cat, but had to give it away, due to relocation.
I am really into travel, I was on about 14 trips abroad last year – thanks to remote work. This turned out to be really tiresome and I decided to move to SE Asia full time.



Android, Dependency Injection, Java, Koin, MVP, MVVM, OKHttp, Retrofit 2, Software Development

Very High Competence

Design patterns, Kotlin, RxJava2

High Competence

Android Jetpack, Dagger2, PHP

Seen Before

Hibernate, MVC, Spring


Native or Bilingual Profiency


Full Professional Proficiency




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