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I’m a marketing-oriented writer and branding expert who can parrot a client’s voice and corporate identity—or create an entirely new one for them. With a bit of research I can get a read on a company’s target audience, tonality, and desired positioning, which lets me pick up the thread of its story and write as if telling my own. If you need an expert wordsmith, storyteller, blogger, or technical writer I can help you maintain a consistent voice or wholly upgrade your marketing messaging. For clients who prefer to be their own author, I also edit content or copy so that they always put their best foot forward.

Typical projects include SEO blog articles, web copy, complete brand packages, site design, product/service branding and copy, email marketing and printed marketing collateral.

In addition to branding and communications I have experience as a professional photo editor and offer portrait retouching, standard post-production editing and digital manipulation.

On the personal side, I’m an American who’s lived on 3 continents, drawn to travel and challenging myself. I tend to live in a constant state of pushing my boundaries both professionally and in my personal life. While I enjoy the accomplished feeling that comes with mastering a skill or hobby, I seem to always end up seeking out something new, scary and exciting. I get around Bangkok on my Kawasaki Z900, which gives me life, and look forward to taking trips to the islands. When I’m not writing, riding or building brands I dabble in film acting and enjoy modeling for talented photographers. When it’s finally time to wind down you’ll usually find me sinking into a video game—and my couch—unless there’s a dog or cat to pet nearby.



Account Manager, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Blogger, Brand & Identity, Brand strategy, Coaching, Content Writing, Copy editing, Copywriting, Editing, Photo Retouching, Researching, Squarespace, Writing, brand identity design

Very High Competence

Adobe Photoshop, B2B Customer Service, Business Modeling, CRM, CSS, Content marketing, Flow charts, Graphic design, Layout design, Logo design, Marketing communication, Photo Editing, Photo manipulation, Presentation Design, Project Manager, Project Planning and Management, SEO, Salesforce Administration, Service, Servicenow CMS, Software systems design, Strategic planning, Survey Design, System Development, Web Design, Wireframes / Mockups, Work Management

High Competence

Adobe XD, Business Development, Content Management, HTML, Staff Development, Staffing & Recruitment, System mapping, UX/UI Design

Average Competence

Adobe Illustrator, JavaScript, Social media marketing, Video editing

Elementary Competence

Python, Swift


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