Iglu Thailand

Red Orange Co Ltd is Iglu’s Thai company. Iglu Thailand provides software consulting services to clients worldwide and offers employment opportunities to both local and foreign digital professionals.

Most of our talent base is located here, with over 200 employees based mainly in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.



We have offices with state-of-the-art workstation equipment, super-fast internet and excellent espresso machines.


Iglu’s Bangkok office is located right in the city center, just a few blocks away from the Terminal 21 shopping center on the busy Asoke intersection. We have two similar-sized workspaces in the Trendy Building accommodating a total of over 50 modern workstations.

Iglu Thailand’s head office is located on the southwest side of town in Chiang Mai, surrounded by lush greenery right next to the mountains. This office is easily accessible from the city center with just a short drive along the Canal Road. The nearby Wat Umong neighborhood is the new hip area with plenty of cafes and restaurants catering to the local student population.

Employee Benefits

All Iglu employees in Thailand receive the following benefits:

Non-Immigrant B visa & Work Permit

All foreign employees at Iglu receive a one-year Non-Immigrant 'B' visa and Work Permit renewable yearly.

Non-Immigrant B visa

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Healthcare plan

You will receive a Social Security card that gives free access to a selection of private and public hospitals.

Work permit

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Amazing offices

Work in modern fully-equipped workspaces in Bangkok and Chiang Mai 24/7.

Income taxes

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90-day reports

All Non-Immigrant visa holders must report to immigration every 3 months. As an Iglu employee, this is handled by our staff.

Healthcare plan

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Social events & company trips

Iglu organises mixers, weekly Thai lessons, knowledge-sharing workshops and yearly company trips.

Office space

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Peer networks

Enjoy networking and collaborating with our community of over 250 digital professionals.

Access new opportunities

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The Land of Smiles

Thailand has a long-standing reputation for being both a popular tourist destination and a second home for foreigners (known as “farang” in the local tongue). Thais are reputed as being kind to farang, making assimilation so much easier. That, combined with a bustling modern capital in Bangkok, makes the Kingdom of Thailand a top choice for a change of scenery for the budding globetrotter.

The Thai economy, currently driven by private consumption and fixed investments linked to infrastructure and tourism, is expected to grow steadily at a rate hovering around 4% annually.  As with the rest of the world, more Thai sectors are becoming digitized, providing growth opportunities for tech-savvy experts. Therefore, the most optimal time to make your move to Thailand is now.



The nation’s capital, Bangkok, is an urban playground sprawling with shopping malls, edgy bars and a food scene that rivals any first-world city. Like no other, Bangkok caters to its large expat community delivering a rich social and work-life experience. Wifi is stable, fast and plentiful, making online work a breeze.

Bangkok has a well-established and air-conditioned modern public transportation system (both BTS Skytrain and underground MRT) that covers the vast metropolis, offering a welcoming relief from the sweltering heat and traffic congestion that Bangkok is famous for. 

Accommodation that suits all budgets is available. Many expats opt for high-rise condominiums with breathtaking views of the “Blade Runner-esque” skyline. One thing is for sure, you will never be short of something to eat or something to do in such an energetic city.


190+ destinations from Suvarnabhumi Airport

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a transient city for employees looking for a more relaxed atmosphere than Bangkok, and still enjoy good blend of the exotic and the familiar. Surrounded by mountains, the old city has around 300 Buddhist temples with golden spires scattered across town. 

Rich in culture but also full of modern conveniences, there are plenty of choices for cheap eats, coffee, and shopping. Another benefit of living in Chiang Mai is that it’s easy to get around, due to its compact size.

Chiang Mai boasts fast and reliable Internet at coffee shops and co-working spaces, where abundant networking opportunities with online global citizens can be found. Accommodation in this city is more affordable than the nation’s capital, making it a popular spot for extended stays among avid travelers, freelancers, families and locals alike. Due to its significant digital community, Chiang Mai is considered to be the digital nomad capital of the world.


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