Enter all your information here for your BOI application. We also have a handy save and continue feature if you need to leave the page to collect any missing information. You will only then need to fill out what’s missing and re-upload the files.

  • Please use flat scans of all documents, not photos
  • (photo and facing page (fully open page)) Any current Thai visa should be cancelled and stamp VOID
  • These letters will need to cover 2 years of employment if you have degree in a relevant field or 5 years if you do not have a degree in a field that matches your new position. Each letter requires a 'Time Period' - i.e. Employee X worked here from January 2013 to December 2016. You can submit multiple letters from multiple employers as needed to cover the required period. Each document must be signed and dated by someone at the company. Please use flat scans of all documents, not photos.
  • This document must be a copy of the university / high school diploma page, not an academic transcript. Please use flat scans of all documents, not photos. Additionally, the Thai BOI only accepts Thai or English translations. Please contact if you need assistance with this.


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