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Meet Our Management Team

Here are a few of the key people at Iglu and what they do. These will likely be your first point of contact when making an enquiry with us.

ozzi finland

Ozzi Jarvinen



ann thailand

Ann Duangjai

HR/Office Manager


santtu finland

Santtu Säävälä

Marketing/Office Manager (Bangkok)


adam united kingdom

Adam Poyser

Project Manager

United Kingdom

A bit of history

Founded as a software development company in 2010, Iglu Inc. has grown into a community of over 125 digital professionals based in Thailand. With offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, we offer digital solutions across multiple platforms. We work in partnership with your business to relocate you, your team or your projects to Thailand.

The humble beginnings of Iglu Inc. can be traced back to Finland’s city of Tampere. After living most of his life in Finland, and some time spent working and studying in Belgium and England, Iglu’s CEO, Ozzi Jarvinen, felt a need to experience a cultural change outside of Europe. He looked East and applied to universities in Bali, Beijing, Irkutsk (Siberia) and Bangkok.

In 2000, he took the leap and got his first taste of Thailand, studying International Business at Bangkok University. On completing his courses, it was back to “chill-out” in Finland where Ozzi co-founded a company focused on graphic design, 3D-modelling and web design. Business grew strong between 2002 and 2006, so Ozzi embarked on a side project organising electronic music parties, which was the first use of the name Iglu.

In late 2006, and with the Finnish winter approaching, it was decided the time was right to move back to Bangkok and establish something more permanent. Starting out as a freelancer by working for his existing customer base in Finland and across Europe, Ozzi quickly became one of the world’s original “digital nomads”. Of course, digital nomadism was a very different thing back then, with virtually no web resources or digital networks. It was every man (and woman) for themselves and Ozzi had to write the instruction manual on his own.

By 2007, needing some space to breathe and be inspired, Ozzi made the move to Thailand’s culture capital, Chiang Mai, and in doing so swapped the skyscrapers and traffic for rice fields and mountain views. The next few years saw him gradually build Iglu’s client base and expand, establishing a team of four Thai designers and coders, plus an ever faithful Mae Baan (think office/housekeeper).

It was 2010 when Ozzi successfully incorporated Iglu as a limited company in Thailand. Since then, Iglu has seen the business grow bigger, while wrestling a new set of challenges. Needing more European design and development expertise, Ozzi realised a way to attract IT professionals to Thailand. In registering Iglu Inc. with the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), the opportunity arose for Iglu to employ many more foreign workers, making recruitment and outsourcing a serious arm of the business.

Today, Iglu has grown to over 125 employees who move between our Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket offices, working on a diverse range of digital projects. Together, Iglu works with freelancers, employees, businesses and startups from all around the world to relocate their work, team and lives to Thailand.

The future sees the team expand with new offices in other favourable locations throughout Thailand.

We’ve just scratched the icy surface of what’s to come for Iglu. Check us out and come grow with us!


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