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We believe in a flexible approach to working. Iglu has a flat management structure that maximizes employee productivity and yet maintains a sustainable work-life balance.

With a unique performance-related-pay system and a generous revenue-sharing model, working for Iglu involves great responsibilities with great rewards. We pay our employees a substantially larger share of our project revenue compared to the average software agency.

Local employment in Southeast Asia

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Work in Thailand

Iglu Thailand specialises in software consulting services and hires professionals to work in software development and other IT-related fields. All our employees receive appropriate visas/work permits, a healthcare plan, access to amazing offices in Bangkok & Chiang Mai and more!

Known as the “Land of Smiles” and a gateway to Southeast Asia, Thailand doesn’t get its name for nothing. The climate, food and friendliness are main factors that draw thousands of expats to Thailand each year. With offices in central Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we offer our employees options that fit their lifestyle preferences – the bustling city life or a laid-back town surrounded by mountains and lush greenery.

Work in Vietnam

Iglu has recently expanded to Vietnam, with Hue and Da Nang as its official business locations. Iglu Vietnam enables digital professionals working in various professions to relocate and work remotely in the Vietnam. With our pool of talents, we offer a wide spectrum of Digital Consulting, IT and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services to clients worldwide.

With over 3000km of coastline, affordable living costs and a rapidly developing economy, Vietnam is an amazing destination for expatriatiation. We are now accepting both foreign and local employees to join us in Vietnam! 


Work Remotely

Nye working in the car

If you are a digital professional who wants to stay in your home country or elsewhere in the world, don’t worry! We also offer fully remote positions to talented digital professionals around the world.

Enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility by working as an Iglu freelance contractor.

Ready to start a new remote career or move to a new location where the grass is greener?

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Below you can find our current open roles and apply to work for Iglu. If you don’t find a suitable job listed at the moment, you can also send us an open application.

When there is a good fit, we will invite you to create a profile on our resource management platform as the first step. This will be followed by an interview with our Recruitment Manager, as well as interviews with key people involved in the particular project. 

Jobs labelled as Remote can be usually done from anywhere in the world, typically including our locations in Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Estonia and The United Kingdom.

Ready to start a new remote career or move to a new location where the grass is greener?

Please apply directly by clicking one of the open jobs, or send us an open application.

If you have any further questions about employment with Iglu, you can contact us via our contact page.


Iglu currently has a presence in 5 countries around the world and continues to grow its global footprint.

The Iglu network includes companies cooperating to employ digital specialists and serve clients worldwide.

Iglu Locations


Iglu Thailand

Red Orange Co Ltd is our largest company with offices in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Our Thai company specialises in providing software consulting services to companies of the Iglu network and local clients in Thailand. We are one of the largest remote working communities in Thailand with over 200 employees in the Kingdom.



Iglu Vietnam

Snow Bricks LLC is Iglu’s Vietnamese entity and the latest expansion within the Iglu network, with Hue and Da Nang as its official business locations.

Iglu Vietnam enables local employment for digital professionals and supplies digital services to international clients as well as local companies in Vietnam.



Iglu Estonia

Our Estonian company enables for pre-qualified independent contractors from around the world to work remotely for Iglu.

Eucoop oü is Iglu network’sales channel providing a variety of digital services to our European clients. Using Estonia’s superb digital systems, our entity enables a seamless experience for EU clients including fast and easy payments.


hong kong

Hong Kong

Iglu Hong Kong

HubASEAN Ltd is our sales entity that supplies a variety of digital and professional services to international clients.


United Kingdom

Iglu HQ

Our headquarters, Iglu Network Ltd, is located in London, United Kingdom. Iglu UK controls the companies within the Iglu group.


Ready to start a new remote career or move to a new location where the grass is greener?

Get in touch with us via our contact form or check our open jobs and apply today.