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You may not have heard, but it’s pretty great over here. So let us tell you a bit more about what Iglu and this beautiful country has to offer.

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Work for your clients as freelancer or relocate your Startup or team to Thailand.

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Iglu invoices your clients, company or employer & handles your salaries (including all taxes and social benefits).

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Enjoy a healthy lifestyle, afford a better standard of living or extend the runway funding for your startup.

Why Relocate to Thailand?

If you’ve ever visited Thailand on holiday, then you don’t need much convincing of why you’d want to live here. The very fact that you’re reading this right now tells you that switching up your life to come work in Thailand is an intriguing prospect. You may have your own unique reasons to make the move, but here are a few points in particular that sway many people to take the plunge.

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Low Cost of Living in Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand is relatively low when compared to many countries, especially those in Western Europe and North America. The lifestyle that you can afford on US$2000 per month in Bangkok might easily cost you US$6000 or more in San Francisco or New York. Food and housing are two areas in particular where you can save a bundle, especially if you adopt a local lifestyle to some degree.

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Excellent Weather

It should come as no surprise that a large portion of Iglu employees hail from Nordic countries. You can say goodbye forever to those long, cold, dark, and gloomy winters by relocating to Thailand. Seasonal depression is an unknown phenomenon in tropical countries close to the equator with balanced night and daylight hours throughout the year. About the only bad thing you could say about the weather in Thailand is that it does get pretty hot sometimes. But on the bright side, it never snows… EVER.

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Low Taxes

Depending on your country of origin, the tax advantage of relocating to Thailand can be a major selling point. As a tax resident of Thailand, you will likely not have to pay tax in your home country on the income earned at Iglu. Europeans are probably all too aware of how much of income disappears to the government. Not only would you keep a full 70% working at Iglu, but it will buy you a much nicer lifestyle in Thailand due to the lower costs. Between federal and state taxes, social security, and healthcare many Americans pay more than that, especially when you consider how much of their own money they still have to pay to see the doctor. In Thailand’s social welfare system, you see the doctor at your local hospital and receive all your medication without paying a dime.

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Easygoing Lifestyle

Thai people have a common saying “Mai pen rai“, which means “Don’t worry about it” or “Hey, no problem.” It’s an attitude that spills over into many areas of life and keeps people from losing their cool. People tend to not get stressed out so easily as in other countries. Thais like to dine out, and you can afford to do so 7 days a week. Dinner with a few beers at an outdoor restaurant with a little live music is a common way to spend an evening. Weekend trips to a white sand beach are an affordable option, accessible with a short domestic flight no matter which Thai city you relocate to. If you like to pamper yourself, massage and spa services are ridiculously cheap in Thailand compared to western countries. So if you’ve ever wondered how your skin would feel after a coffee and yogurt body scrub, now you can find out. And speaking of coffee, you can barely walk ten steps without running into another cafe in Chiang Mai. The cappuccinos, lattes, and original Thai-style iced coffees are not only great quality, but very affordable too.

Who is Relocation For?

Relocation makes sense for many types, including those currently working as Freelancers, Employees of an overseas company, or Startups and Employers who want to save on costs without sacrificing quality by “offshoring” their own teams.


As a freelancer, you can relocate your business to Iglu. We’ll employ you here in Thailand and you keep working on your existing projects. Invoicing your clients is done through Iglu’s easy to use electronic invoicing system, where you can monitor everything. You will continue to have complete freedom to work with the clients of your choosing, and may also find opportunities for working with new clients through contacts made at Iglu.

Startups / Employers

Employers and Startups wishing to base your team in Thailand can also work with Iglu.

Are you a tech startup? We specialize in relocating teams, offering you an affordable haven to get your business and ideas off the ground. From our Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or Phuket bases we can offer scalable office space in great locations to suit your needs, with everything ready for you to hit the ground running. We can also help you source additional talent when you need it.

Are you an employer? If so your company will be able to save money by relocating some (or all) of your team to Thailand. You might even want to bring your family and join them. Your employee’s gross salary will change into an invoice from Iglu and, of course, they will be working in Thailand.

In essence you’ll be outsourcing jobs, but to your own team. Unlike outsourcing to strangers and getting unknown results, you’ll be outsourcing work to your own familiar relocated staff.

Depending on the tax laws of your country, you may save a lot of money that would otherwise go toward employer contributions, health care, pensions etc . You’re also likely to have a motivated team, as they wake up each morning to this bright tropical sun.


If you already work for a company back home, you can easily relocate to Thailand with our help. We move your contract to Iglu where you will be guaranteed increased purchasing power and only your location and salary payer will change, leaving you to get on with your work and enjoy your new life here in the sun. A contract runs for a year and you will get your salary paid to your Thai account in local currency.

Convincing your current employer to outsource your own job to yourself could be one of the smartest moves you ever make. Depending on your home country’s income tax and social welfare requirements, this might be a much better deal for both of you. In any case, with the low cost of living in Thailand, you’ll no doubt come out ahead.

How Does it Work?

You can simply relocate to Thailand and do your business through Iglu. We employ you or your team and take care of all documentation, immigration, invoicing and payroll, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

As an Iglu employee, you’ll get 70% of your total invoices as salary and that is entirely money in your pocket. Thailand income tax and social welfare contributions are completely covered in the other 30%. Enrollment in the Thai national healthcare plan enables you to see the doctor without paying anything out-of-pocket.

We support you through every step of the process to get a business visa and Thai work permit, leaving you stress free and fully legal to work and enjoy Thailand.

We also provide you cool office spaces, with external monitors, high-speed internet, and meeting rooms for Skype calls, with flat screen TVs for presentations. All the espresso coffee you can drink is included too! We also help with everything else from transport and accommodation to social activities and things to see and do.

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Documentation and guidance for your business visa and work permit

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Stress free office environments, fast fiber optic internet and work/relaxation areas

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Help with accommodation, bank accounts, transportation, activities etc…

healthcare in thailand for expats

Free healthcare with choice of main hospital

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Free espresso coffee (important!) and drinking water


Iglu can only sponsor work placement in Thailand if you…


Work in software development, design, or other online, tech/digital related activity


Have a relevant university degree plus 2 years experience in your field, or at least 5 years total experience


Are at least 22 years old


Have an existing company / client base or able to find your own clients


Bill a minimum of $2500 USD / month


Can commit to a 1 year contract


We aim to provide the best working environemts in great locations. Find out more about them here.



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