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Iglu makes ‘The Land of Smiles’ easy.
We invite successful digital entrepreneurs and businesses to live, work and thrive through Iglu in Thailand.

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Grow with your clients, uninterrupted, as a freelancer, startup or established business, legally in Thailand.

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Iglu does your invoicing, pays taxes, social benefits and deposits a monthly salary into a local bank account.

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Enjoy a healthy lifestyle, afford a higher standard of living and focus on what matters most for your business.

Who is Relocation For?

Relocation is for those currently working as freelancers, employees of overseas companies, or startups and employers. Save on costs by “offshoring” your operations to tech-friendly Thailand.


As a freelancer, relocate your business with Iglu. We employ you, while you keep working on your existing projects. Invoice clients through Iglu’s easy-to-use billing system and monitor with confidence. Continue to have complete freedom with the clients of your choosing and take advantage of Iglu’s diverse network of professionals to discover new opportunities.


If you already work for a company, easily relocate to Thailand with Iglu.

Convincing your current employer to outsource your job directly to you, could be one of the smartest moves you ever make. Depending on your home country’s income tax and social welfare requirements, this might be a much better arrangement for both parties. In any case, with the low cost of living in Thailand, you’ll come out on top.

Startups and Employers

Are you a tech startup or employer? We specialize in relocating teams, offering you an affordable haven to get your business and ideas off the ground. From our Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or Phuket bases, we offer scalable office space in great locations to suit your needs. We also help you source additional talent when you need it.

Save money by relocating some (or all) of your team to Thailand. Depending on the tax laws of your country, you will save on employer contributions, health care, pensions etc.

How Does it Work?

You can simply relocate to Thailand and do your business through Iglu. We employ you or your team and take care of all documentation, immigration, invoicing and payroll, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

As an Iglu employee, you’ll get 70% of your total invoices as salary. Thailand income tax requirements and social welfare contributions are completely administered and paid with the other 30%.

We support you through every step of the process to get a business visa and Thai work permit, leaving you stress-free and fully legal to work and enjoy the Kingdom of Thailand.

Learn more about moving to Thailand


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All legal documentation and personal guidance for your Thailand business visa and work permit.

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Unmatched 24/7 office locations, super-fast fiber optic internet and dedicated meeting rooms.

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Help and advice with accommodation, bank accounts, transportation, activities, etc.

healthcare in thailand for expats

Enrollment in the National Healthcare Plan. See a doctor without paying anything out-of-pocket.

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We provide external monitors, ergonomic chairs, and flat screen TVs for presentations.

Plus, all the drinking water and espresso coffee you can drink.


We provide the best working environments in the most convenient locations.

Modern office spaces for successful professionals!




Iglu sponsors work placements in Thailand if you…


Work in software development, design, or other online, tech / digital-related activity


Have either one of the following:
a) An IT-related university degree, plus at least 2 years of relevant work experience.
b) Any type of university/college/school diploma or certificate, plus at least 5 years of relevant work experience.


Are at least 22 years old


Have an existing company / client base or able to find your own clients


Bill a minimum of $2,500 USD per month


Can commit to a one-year contract