Do you need to scale up fast?
Or are you looking for resources on demand?

With Iglu you get access to talented and motivated professionals all over the planet.

Hire Talent

We offer a flexible range of services that provide solutions to your specific requirements. We help match the right resources in the right time frame.

Our core services are organised into three main areas.

Team Extension

If your team is missing one or more special digital skills we can offer the right specialist resources that you need to complete your team.

Managed Teams

When you have larger talent requirements we can provide all the resources you need along with an experienced Project Manager to run your project from start to finish.

Project-based Cloud and IT services

If you are looking for professionally managed projects and services, or are still unsure of the technologies to use for your project, our Cloud Business Unit is at your service. Iglu’s cloud-based services are quoted individually according to your requirements and are now marketed under our brand Arctian™.

Why Iglu?

Why Iglu?


We have a track record of attracting the world’s best talent. Our employees have an average of 15 years experience in the tech industry and we have spent the last 10 years mastering the effectiveness of remote work. All this experience is waiting to be applied to your next project.

Diverse talent pool

Competitive prices

High-quality services from experienced professionals always come at a price. But thanks to our commitment to maintaining low overhead and administrative costs, plus our access to cost-effective resources, we are able to offer better rates than comparable digital agencies. Our unique performance-related pay model enables us to work on lower margins compared to our competitors.

Flexible solutions

In today’s ultra-competitive tech market, talented digital specialists with the right mix of skills for your needs are quite scarce, and hiring them full-time can be expensive. Through a strategic alliance with Iglu, we provide the talent and digital solutions you need on a flexible basis that suits your budget.

Productive talents

Interested in hiring one or more of our consultants to work on your projects?