Iglu Enjoys a Slice of Pai

On Friday, September 29th, over 50 of Iglu’s best and brightest descended on Pai, Thailand for a weekend getaway. For those who have been living under a rock, Pai is a small city in Northern Thailand’s mountainous Mae Hong Son province, accessible from Chiang Mai by a famously winding road that cuts through teak forests and curves around the hillsides.

Pai was originally a sleepy market town founded by the Shan people who live mostly in neighboring Myanmar. It first gained popularity with tourists as a trekking spot due to the many Hmong, Karen, Lisu, and Lahu hilltribe villages in the area. Once the guesthouses set up shop, Pai became known as a bit of a hippie hideaway and eventually grew into the backpacker/bohemian mecca it is today.

Pai has become somewhat of a foodie destination too, with a huge number of restaurants and coffee shops for such a small town. The surrounding area is also known for hot springs, waterfalls, and rafting.

About 25 of the more adventurous members of the Iglu team joined up in a motorcycle/scooter convoy that left Friday morning from Iglu’s Mae Hia office in Chiang Mai. Although some dark clouds were threatening early that morning, it ended up being perfect weather—comfortable and warm with no rain.

bike ride to pai

Relaxation is the main order of business in Pai. Iglu’s eskimos hung out by the swimming pool, went to some hot springs and waterfalls, explored scenic bamboo bridges over rice paddies, checked out the famous White Buddha, and enjoyed late-night pool parties.


swimming pool pai

And of course, they ate a bit too. “Pigged out” might be the more accurate term. On Saturday night, everyone got together for a big buffet dinner party to celebrate another successful year of Iglu’s growth.

pai buffet dinner

Over the last year, Iglu has once again doubled its recruitment numbers and we are seeing more and more international professionals choosing Iglu to help them live and work legally in the Land of Smiles.

pai buffet dinner iglu

Everyone got along great on the trip and new friendships were formed. It was a good mix of employees and their families—all celebrating the joys of living in beautiful Thailand.


Iglu would like to thank all those who were in attendance on our annual company trip this year. It means a lot that everyone at Iglu is so eager to take part in fun activities, like the trip to Pai, and are interested in spending quality time with one another. Our community of digital professionals continues to grow, and we’re thankful for everyone’s ongoing enthusiasm. Let’s continue being Thailand’s leading group of international professionals!