RTS Iglu Chiang Mai

Iglu featured on Swiss TV Station – RTS.ch

Iglu was recently featured on Swiss TV Station – RTS.ch. Checkout what they had to say about Iglu, Chiang Mai and the Digital Nomad community.

Translated and Edited Transcription:

In Thailand, young westerners settled in Chiang Mai revolutionize the world of work

{TV Presenter} : It’s a ‘must-do’ when travelling in Thailand. The city of Chiang Mai, in the North. It attracts many foreigners, there is more than 3,000 expats who have moved there, some well educated young minds and new-techs enthusiasts and who believe in remote work, enough to bring a small revolution into the work world.

{OFF voice} : Django Ruppmann arrived from Switzerland 1.5 year ago. As an IT engineer from Zürich, Django left everything to come to live in Chiang Mai. At 36 years old, he brought his luggage and his laptop to work at Iglu’s shared office in the North of Thailand.

{Django} : For me here, people are more motivated to work. In Switzerland, people tend to work from 9am to 5pm, and that’s it. Here, people want to create something, reach a goal and change something..

{OFF voice} : Chiang Mai has become a real multicultural “hub”. The city comes first in the chosen destination by whom we call Digital Nomads, due to its climate and its low cost of living.

{Ozzi} : When I first came to Chiang Mai 10 years ago, maybe there were about 20 or 30 westerners working remotely. Now they are 3’000 to 4’000, so it’s booming and every year it’s growing, probably doubling.

{OFF voice} : They work in new techs, build apps or create websites. This community has revolutionized the work-life balance, without hierarchy or fixed work schedule.

{Claudio} : I started to work 3 years as an IT engineer at the Lugano’s university and then I decided to leave to have this new life experience.

{Tania} : We have more possibilities to meet people, we have more contacts and we can learn everyday. It’s pretty cool 😉

{Reporter} : This neighborhood in Chiang Mai called Nimman has become the heart of the Digital Nomad community; a young and trendy population who tremendously changed the face of this provincial city, within a few short years.

{OFF voice} : Chiang Mai, a place that was living through tourism until now, is looking more like Silicon Valley. Within the next 20 years, 1 in 10 people might work remotely in a similar way, either at home or in the tropics. A way of life that inspires more and more young workers and that gives a new face to globalization.

transcription: Fabien Crapetto, edited: Tim Sutton