Iglu rebrand: remote work redefined

Iglu Launches its New Brand: Remote Work Redefined

Iglu has grown into the largest remote working community in Thailand, currently employing over 250 digital specialists from all around the world. After a few years with the same look, it was time for some change. We wanted to give our brand a new look and feel, as well as make our website more clear with our offer. There are some exciting changes and improvements ahead for the future that will be discussed in this article.

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How does Iglu “redefine” remote work?

What is this new tagline about? Remote work is traditionally associated with taking care of everything on your own: not only the job itself but handling everything from personal taxes and health insurance to co-working spaces to work from. Remote work is also related to a high degree of independence and unfortunately, sometimes loneliness as well.

As an Iglu employee, things are different — you can enjoy the benefits of being employed by a large company with physical offices whilst keeping the freedom of working remotely for our clients. Iglu offers business visas and work permits to all its employees, along with social security and state-of-the-art offices in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We make sure all our new members can comfortably settle to their new locations.

As our employee, you will be a part of our 250+ member community to enjoy networking, collaboration with like-minded professionals, and events around Thailand. As you might have noticed, we have increased the number of private and public Iglu events during the last couple of months.

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Expansion: Setting Up in Vietnam

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding to Vietnam towards the beginning of next year, with plans to open an office in Da Nang. This means that in the future we will be able to provide similar services there and employ specialists wishing to relocate to Vietnam. The decision has already been made, however, we are still in the early stages of the process. Stay tuned for updates from the Iglu team about our new office location. If you are interested in working in Vietnam, contact us now and we will keep you updated on the progress.

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Improving the Iglu Experience: New Tools and Discounts

As the head of marketing and sales, I naturally place lots of importance on growth in numbers. However, what is even more important, is making sure that our existing employees are happy and clients are satisfied with our services. Therefore during the following year, we will be focusing on improving our systems and services to improve the Iglu experience to all of our members. We are currently building a portal that will improve our processes, customer services, employee assistance as well as access to crucial information.

Having grown into a community of over 250 people, it is also time to leverage our numbers. In the near future, Iglu will be partnering with a variety of services to provide additional benefits, services and discounts for all of our employees.

As of May 2019, we have already partnered with KoHub, an amazing co-working space located on the island Koh Lanta. All Iglu employees receive a 10% discount for basic access as well as special packages for co-working & accommodation combined.

Currently, we are also in the process of negotiating discounted access to private health insurance to our employees.

Empowering Locals: The Iglu Academy Launch

One of our primary long term missions in Thailand is to empower locals and enable technological knowledge transfer to the local community. During the final quarter of this year, we will be launching The Iglu Academy. Iglu will be hiring Computer Science university graduates from Thai universities in Chiang Mai to join our development teams.

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