Iglu Prepares New Chiang Mai HQ for Q1 2019 Opening


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Big things are in store for Iglu in 2019, with the highlight being the opening of a new Chiang Mai HQ, scheduled for the first quarter of the year.

Iglu is moving into an inspiring two-story building with a courtyard that used to house FABB Coffee Roasters.


Things admittedly look a bit helter-skelter and dusty at the moment, halfway through the remodeling process. But just take a look at some photos from its time as a coffee shop, and you can see that this space has incredible potential to be the new heart of our growing community in Thailand.


Plans for a well-equipped HQ

The new office will be able to accommodate around 50 digital professionals working away in two large main rooms. The upstairs working area is planned to be a silent zone—for those who need to be completely free from distraction—while the ground floor workroom is intended to be open to socializing and collaboration.

Each of the “hot desks” in these two main rooms will be equipped with a comfy office chair, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. For workers who wish to stash their personal peripherals and other equipment at the office, lockers will be provided.

The main entrance will open to a relaxation area including a pool table, comfortable seating, kitchen table, and coffee corner.

The opposite wing of the building will contain the admin room and a main meeting room.

Both of these areas open up to a large courtyard, which will be used to host special events.

Additional facilities include a smaller meeting room and a small Skype call room. There are also plans to house a fitness room and possibly a climbing wall and fireman pole between the two levels (for those who find taking the stairs too conventional).


Location and surroundings

Iglu’s future headquarters is located on the southwest side of town, in a little cul-de-sac along the Canal Road. The neighboring buildings house a few other tech companies and a couple eating/drinking options: Roastwood Artisan Cafe and Khum Vieng Yong, a highly-rated northern Thai style restaurant.

There is also plenty of greenery in the immediate area, with a bunch of shady trees making up a turnabout island for the cul-de-sac.

You’ll see the location of the new office marked on the map below.