Iglu Tech Gear, Charity Spring Clean

So, we decided to have a little spring clean at the Iglu offices and found some old computer and tech gear in storage we want to get to a new home. Rather than make any money from the sale, we will be donating to charity. So if you see something you want, drop us a line at cool@iglu.net and arrange a time to come and collect.

You can make us an offer of what you think it is worth and we will arrange all proceeds to go to the Kids for school charity arranged by Dan from the Chiang Mai digital nomads group, which we also contributed to last year.


We have the following, but can’t confirm if it is all working or not. You are welcome to come along and test at our offices.

  • 2x HP desktop computers
  • 1x Acer Aspire desktop
  • 3x flat screen (17″ and 19″)
  • 4x Panasonic cordless phones
  • 4x Reach cordless phones
  • Stacks of Elephant Eco files, some brand new. We possibly have 50.
  • Bags full of cables (ethernet/usb/power etc)
  • A graphics card
  • Acer projector white screen (approx 1.8m)


We will update the blog and cross off anything that is sold.


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