office nimman party

Nimman Office Opening Party

Since starting in 2010, Iglu has steadily grown, and in 2014 we opened our Bangkok office—but we soon later realised that our HQ we very much love is getting crowded and for some of our new Eskimos is a bit of a distance to travel (in Chiang Mai that is more than 10 minutes).

So we decided to open another office space in Chiang Mai, this time at the trendy Nimman area. We found a perfect location with a brand new 4 storey townhouse. Short walking distance from Rist8to and Larder was essential. Being at Nimman, traffic can be a headache, but the office has a handy location, and you can reach it from Huaw Kaew and Canal Road as well as Nimmanhaemin Road.

The opening party attracted many of our Chiang Mai eskimos, but some also made the effort to visit from Bangkok. Many friends of iglu where also present to taste some Salmiakki and Minttu snaps and take a look at the cool modern design of our new office.

Some photos of the office can be seen here.