The Latest Iglu Office Space at Nimman in Chiang Mai

For a long time we have operated solely out of of our Mae Hia HQ in Chiang Mai, but we are now happy to announce our new office space in the trendy Nimman area of town, to add to our increasing list of work locations.


Situated just a block away from the main road, with a few minutes walk you have access to some of the greatest cafes, healthfood, restaurants and bars that Chiang Mai has to offer. It’s great to bring clients along for meetings and most importantly is a place that inspires great work to happen.

As always our famous free coffee is on tap and there are plenty of Eskimos around to chat about all your current projects and interests.

Check out more photos of the workspace on our flickr page or at the link below. If you are interested in joining us and working here then get in touch! Nimman office photos