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Need a mobile developer to build your iOS or Android application?

You should look at outsourcing the job to Iglu’s mobile app developers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai Thailand.

When you think of Android and iOS app outsourcing, App Developers based in Thailand can offer better overall value.

Iglu can match you up with talented mobile developers drawn from our extensive network of digital professionals. We work with both local and international clients—from Bangkok to New York to Helsinki and everywhere in between.

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App Design, User Interface & User Experience

What makes a killer app?

It’s one that users engage with and keep coming back to.

The first key to building a successful app is to begin with a beautiful, intuitive design.

With deep knowledge of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, Iglu’s developers can work with you to fine-tune your app design to ensure it will give the best possible User Experience.

iPhone & iPad

Is your app intended for use on the phone, tablet, or both?

Using Auto Layout and Size Classes, you can be sure that your app’s User Interface will be optimized for any sized device required.

We can resize text, buttons, images, and all other on-screen elements where appropriate for both function and beauty.

Or when needed, the iPhone and iPad versions of the app can use unique screen arrangements for each platform.
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Native iOS & Android, or Cross-platform

The best performance and User Experience usually comes from native apps written in Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android.

If going native, one suggested approach is to develop your MVP (minimum viable product) on one platform first. That way, any changes in the app’s design or architecture during the early stages of development only need to be made once.

For example, you might begin by developing the initial working version of your app for iOS. Then after testing and feedback, you make any changes needed to improve the performance and User Experience. Once you have this MVP in place, then you can more quickly develop an Android version by using the iOS app as a model.

Cross-platform app development in Flutter

Cross-platform development tools—such as React Native and Flutter—allow a single code base to run on both platforms. The main benefit is that it can be quicker to develop and get to market for both platforms.

There are several possible downsides, however. These include:

  • Possible reduced performance
  • The UI may not give users a “native feel”
  • May not be able to take advantage of all the device’s capabilities

Still, the advantage of building for both platforms at the same time with a single code base can be significant. You have the possibility of finishing development of your MVP quicker and with less manpower.

Cross-platform mobile app development is best suited for getting an app to market quickly in both platforms. Out of the frameworks currently available, Flutter is one of the most promising. With Flutter, although the code is written in Dart, it is compiled to native code beforehand so that there is no noticeable performance hit at run time.

The ability to hot-reloading the UI during development also makes Flutter rather quick for developers to build with.


The key to building a high quality app is writing top quality code.

If going the native route, Swift is the best language choice for new iOS projects.

Swift is a modern programming language with many built-in safeguards to prevent crashes from ever happening. By following the best practices of the Swift language, we can write cleaner, safer code, leading to crash-proof apps.

Unit testing adds another layer to an app’s reliability by helping to ensure code maintainability and stopping bugs dead in their tracks.


Good communication between the client and developers is of utmost importance.

Many problems during the app development cycle can be eliminated simply by communicating more effectively.

Iglu’s native English speaking developers excel in communicating all issues and understanding the needs of the client.

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