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So you have a killer app, new website, SEO needs or digital product you have the ideas for but not the expertise. Alternatively you may have your own inhouse development team already, but need specialist skills for a shorter period of time than makes sense to employ new staff, or just to ensure you hit that deadline.

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We are a huge network of talented professionals, we help you find suitable people when you need assistance with your projects.

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We can resource project managed full stack applications, small web teams or even just a designer for your logo.

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We have experts across all modern technologies, APIs and frameworks. Some of us have even invented our own.


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Our Eskimos

We’ve managed to attract top talent from around the globe coming from companies such as Google & Sony. Here are a few faces you’ll likely meet if we’re working together.

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Dr Peter Kelly

Fullstack guru, PHD, Adventurer


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Fabien Crapetto

UX/UI Designer, Frontend Coder, Bearded Bear


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Natch Khongpasuk

Backend & Frontend Dev, Star Wars Maniac


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Andy Brennenstuhl

Dev ops, Project Manager, WP specialist, Metalhead


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How Does it Work?

Talk to us about your project and we’ll come up with a plan to make it a reality. Whether you need a single developer to help improve your website and fix bugs or a whole team to build and launch your market disrupting product—we’ll work together to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Every project is unique. You may need front-end, back-end, web or mobile development. Iglu has a large pool of talent to pull from. Our eskimos are well-versed in all programing languages and technologies, up to date on the newest frameworks and APIs. Whatever your requirements are, we can put together a team to meet your needs.

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Who Needs This?

Whether your job is big or small, Iglu can get it done for you. Maybe you just want a simple redesign of your existing website, or maybe you have an idea for the “next big thing” and it will require a project managed full-stack application with mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Whatever your case, if you know what you want done, but know that you don’t have the manpower to build it out yourself, you can get some hard-working eskimos to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Why Outsource?

You should outsource a technical project when it makes the most sense for your business. Every business needs a website, and many need a mobile app, but not all have the resources to hire a team of full-time developers.

Drastically cut down on the cost of building your new app or updating your website by outsourcing the job to one or more of Iglu’s friendly eskimos. Get your technical job done at a fraction of the cost you’d pay to hire full-time in-house programmers.

Are you ready to work with us?


What our clients say

Ioni Oy

Iglu has been providing Software Development and Software Project Management resources to Ioni since January 2015 and currently provides us a four person team working on several different projects. The team has successfully been able to work in large-scale software projects with tight deadlines and has proven their value to Ioni.
Antti Väänänen, Former CEO, Ioni Oy

NeuStar Inc.

Iglu has been working with Neustar since December 2014 on various projects relating to DNS infrastructure, designed for enterprises with very large-scale network deployments. The three-person team has designed and implemented a range of technology solutions, comprising both back-end and user interface components. They have demonstrated excellent knowledge of the problem domain, specifically by providing a team leader who was already an expert in DNS and was able to conceptualize and direct the project right from the initial idea to delivery.

The team at Iglu has worked in a very agile manner, readily adapting to changes in business requirements whenever necessary. In addition to highly skilled programming talent, they have also provided extensive leadership over many aspects of the project, including architecture, design, and deployment capabilities. The Iglu team also invested heavily in learning specialized complex third party equipment, increasing domain experience and building new solutions in order to facilitate close integration between the Neustar and third party systems. The expertise of Iglu employees has been very important to Neustar strategic objectives, filling a gap not easily addressed in a timely manner by the core internal development team. Iglu’s participation allowed the core team to continue work on existing priorities covering subject matter and problems already well understood.

Nate Meyer, Former Director of Product Management, Neustar

Give InKind

I’ve been working with Iglu for the last 3 months, building a complicated platform off of a limited set of initial requirements. From the time I hired Iglu through our development to beta, the team has been a delight to work with. Their developers are top-notch, the communication from the leadership team has been thorough and consistent, and we have met and exceeded all expectations of what we would accomplish on a limited time frame. I would highly recommend Iglu to anyone looking to hire a remote team.
Laura Malcolm, Founder, Give InKind



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