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Iglu employs digital specialists who support international clients and initiatives. Outsource your project tasks with experienced professionals at competitive rates.

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We are a network of talented professionals. Tap into the right people at every stage of your project.

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Hire individuals or teams on-demand. Iglu offers diverse specialists on an à la carte basis to meet your needs.

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We speak your language. Iglu’s open and collaborative communications build proven partnerships.


Skilled Digital Professionals, On-demand

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How Does Outsourcing Work?

Let’s collaborate, build a plan and make it a reality!
We start with a consultation to determine pain-points, needs and the skills required to succeed. Iglu then offers options with rates, resumes and available resources. You make the choice and we get moving!

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Who Needs Outsourcing?

Whether the job is big or small, Iglu gets it done. Individuals or organisations who require digital support, but lack the manpower or capability, get hard-working professionals to do the heavy lifting for them.

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Why Outsource?

To dramatically cut down on the cost of hiring, training and managing skilled professionals for your digital project. Get the job done efficiently and at a fraction of the cost you’d pay to hire full-time, in-house specialists.

Outsourcing made easy and more affordable!


What our clients say

Ioni Oy

Iglu has been providing Software Development and Software Project Management resources to Ioni since January 2015 and currently provides us a four person team working on several different projects. The team has successfully been able to work in large-scale software projects with tight deadlines and has proven their value to Ioni.
Antti Väänänen, Former CEO, Ioni Oy

NeuStar Inc.

Iglu has been working with Neustar since December 2014 on various projects relating to DNS infrastructure, designed for enterprises with very large-scale network deployments. The three-person team has designed and implemented a range of technology solutions, comprising both back-end and user interface components. They have demonstrated excellent knowledge of the problem domain, specifically by providing a team leader who was already an expert in DNS and was able to conceptualize and direct the project right from the initial idea to delivery.

Nate Meyer, Former Director of Product Management, Neustar

Give InKind

I’ve been working with Iglu for the last 3 months, building a complicated platform off of a limited set of initial requirements. From the time I hired Iglu through our development to beta, the team has been a delight to work with. Their developers are top-notch, the communication from the leadership team has been thorough and consistent, and we have met and exceeded all expectations of what we would accomplish on a limited time frame. I would highly recommend Iglu to anyone looking to hire a remote team.
Laura Malcolm, Founder, Give InKind

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A Few Faces…

We attract top talent around the globe from companies such as Google, Amazon & Sony.

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Dr Peter Kelly

Fullstack guru, PHD, Adventurer


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Fabien Crapetto

UX/UI Designer, Frontend Coder, Bearded Bear


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Natch Khongpasuk

Backend & Frontend Dev, Star Wars Maniac


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Andy Brennenstuhl

Dev ops, Project Manager, WP specialist, Metalhead