How to Outsource App Development: An Inside Perspective & Guide

How to Outsource App Development

Covering must-know criteria for outsourcing Iglu and other Enterprise-grade partners for your mobile app development Table of Contents Mobile app development has never been more relevant amid the global pandemic; what was once seen as a specialised niche, mobile-based development has now become the primary content delivery platform for many companies, and outsourcing app development […]

How to Outsource Software Development: The Ultimate Guide

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Plus how Iglu can be your outsourcing partner for software development It has been an integral part of the business models of the majority of companies to outsource software development in recent years. The events of the past year alone have conditioned companies from wide-ranging industries to endeavour into remote work, which consequently is a […]

How to Outsource Web Development: Your Ultimate Guide

How to Outsource Web Development

A 2021 perspective to successfully outsource your web development requirements Outsourcing web development becomes a valuable proposition for small and large companies when the need arises to either expand their presence online, or to initiate one from scratch. The need to outsource web development arises for a multitude of reasons ranging from a lack of […]

Programming Language Trends in 2021

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2020 was a strong year for programming and software development in general; developers adapted to working from home with minimal disruption to their programming efforts. How can we expect programming language trends to evolve in 2021 amid a global economic recovery as countries further adapt to their changing working habits? Is there a particular interest […]

Get a Grip on your AWS Bill with Iglu’s Cloud Financial Management Services

AWS cloud financial management

AWS cloud services form a critical foundation of your business infrastructure, but too often when the bill arrives, it feels like shoveling money into a bottomless pit. If this situation rings true with you, take solace in knowing that you’re not alone. “Companies are spending, on average, 36% more on cloud than they actually need […]

How to Outsource Web Development in Thailand – iglu’s Web Design Process

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You need a website for your business, but you don’t have the expertise or skills in-house. The obvious answer is to outsource your web development, but how do you pick a company? You could look for a local web development company in Chicago, Sydney, London, or wherever you happen to be, but prices will be […]

iOS Mobile App Developers Based in Thailand – Quality Development with iglu

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Need a mobile developer to build your iOS or Android application? You should look at outsourcing the job to Iglu’s mobile app developers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai Thailand. When you think of Android and iOS app outsourcing, App Developers based in Thailand can offer better overall value. Iglu can match you up with talented […]

How to Start a Company in Thailand

how to start a company in thailand

Thailand—it’s a paradise on earth. Who wouldn’t want to live here? Many foreigners are attracted to the idea of moving to the tropics and starting a business in Thailand. The low cost of living and favorable climate would make it the ideal spot to setup a company and enjoy an excellent work-life balance while running […]

Could Thailand become the next big Startup Capital?

Skytrain Bangkok

  There is a buzz in Thailand these days that wasn’t around a few years ago. Sure, there has always been the hustle and bustle that comes from having 60+ million people all living and working in close quarters. But this kind of buzz is coming from an entirely new ecosystem, and it is set […]

Guide to Hiring Thai Staff in Thailand


Hiring local Thai staff is a crucial step for anyone trying to run a business in Thailand. If you’re just starting out with your Thailand-based business you’ve probably got many questions: Where do I find the right people? How much do Thai workers typically earn? What can I expect from my Thai employees? Is there […]