Chiang Mai’s Burning Season Survey Results 2018

Ryan Zander
2nd March 2018

Recently, in advance of 2018’s so-called “burning season” in Chiang Mai, Iglu hosted a community event that saw many of the city’s digital expats and nomads coming together to support a good cause. While at the event, Iglu set up a survey to ask attendees two questions:

  • “Are you leaving Chiang Mai in the coming days/weeks because of ‘burning season’?”
  • “If so, where are you going?”


The results are in, and you may be surprised!

Check out the results below.


44 people were surveyed:

63.64% of respondents said that they were staying in Chiang Mai during the “burning season.”

Of the remaining 36.36% of respondents who said they were leaving, these are the locations they selected:

  • 37.50% – Another location in Thailand
  • 37.50% – Another country in Asia
  • 18.75% – Europe
  • 6.25% – Americas

Thanks for taking part, everyone!