Iglu’s main office is tucked away in the Mae Hia district of Chiang Mai. This area southwest of the city center is full of green spaces. If you work well when removed from city distractions, then this is the place for you. The bubbling water in the koi pond and the crowing rooster next door are the main sounds to be heard out here.


The most famous nearby landmark nearby is the ancient hilltop temple Wat Phra That Doi Kham. Home of two giant buddha statues, this temple can be seen as you approach the Iglu office from the highway. The temple is far older than the city of Chiang Mai itself. Built in the year 687, it predates the founding of Chiang Mai by about 700 years. Aside from the two colossal Buddha images—a 17 meter tall sitting Buddha and a newly built standing one—there is another statue the temple is most famous for. The small image, named Luang-Pho Than-Jai, is believed to be able to grant wishes. When you visit you’ll see thousands of jasmine flower garlands offered by those who have returned to give thanks after having their wish granted.


Although it’s a bit out of the way from the city center, Iglu’s Mae Hia office is easy to get to via the Canal Road. It is also quite easy to reach the airport from the office by cutting across from Canal Road to Hang Dong Road and then heading north.

Mae Hia Market is about two minutes away from the office by motorbike. There is one building containing a large fresh food market with all sorts of fruits, veggies, meats, and other foods available. Another building holds a food court with a collection of restaurants serving mostly inexpensive Thai food, which is very popular as a lunch spot for workers in the area. Mae Hia Market also has a branch of Rimping Supermarket where you can find international foods, a branch of Bangkok Bank, and a post office.

If you head in the opposite direction, towards the mountains, you’ll enter a peaceful forested valley. There you’ll find a number of charming restaurants and coffee shops perfect for relaxing away a Sunday afternoon. Without driving more than 10 minutes, you feel like you’ve left the city behind a hundred miles away.


The Iglu office itself has a very chill environment. If you work well when surrounded by nature, you’ll love it. The office occupies a large house built around a central courtyard. Right in the middle of this is a koi pond with a bubbling fountain and the elephant-headed god Ganesha watching over everything.

At the entrance is a large lounge area containing a full kitchen, pool table, bean bag chairs, and standing desks. Iglu employees have free range over the kitchen’s Breville espresso machine. So you can blow off steam with a game of pool, caffeine up, and get back to work recharged.


There is a large meeting room right off of the lounge area complete with a big flat-screen TV and whiteboard. Echo cancelling wall panels also make this a good spot for holding Skype calls.


The main work room has 12 desks with cushy office chairs and flat-screen monitors. With a direct view out of floor length windows to the fish pond in the courtyard, it’s an inspiring work space.


A number of smaller office rooms are perfect for teams of up to four to work in close quarters. And a second building, with even more work space, is located out back behind the main office.


Iglu’s motto is “Where cool things happen,” and the Mae Hia office is where it all started.