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Better Than India – An Outsourcing Case Study

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The main reason for outsourcing a task is to keep down your costs. But is it always better to go with the cheapest option available? After looking around online maybe you’ve found programmers in India who said they’ll work for $5 per hour. Just think how much you’ll save! What could possibly go wrong?

In reality the best option for many businesses is to find the “sweet spot” where cost and quality match up to produce the best value. Sure, if you want the very best talent in the world, you could hire some developers from Silicon Valley who may cost you up to $150 per hour. You better hope they work fast though, or you could quickly run out of funds.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could find developers in India or Pakistan willing to work for $5 per hour. But between communication errors, frequent power outages, and general lack of skill, the end result of your project could fall far short of your expectations—if it indeed gets completed at all.

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Iglu is staffed with highly educated developers from western countries: the UK, USA, Australia, Finland, etc. The lower operating cost in Thailand means that we can keep costs far below what a dev company in San Fransisco or London might charge, while still delivering top-quality work.

Keeping costs down

A programmer in Thailand can live quite comfortably on a monthly salary that would barely cover apartment rental in a place like New York or San Fransisco. Our developers are the type of people who choose living in Thailand to enjoy a good work-life balance and not get stressed out. You could hire a remote team of western-educated developers based in Thailand for the same price you’d pay to have just one guy in Silicon valley working for you. You get more for your money by working with Iglu.

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Bootstrap your team

So you’ve got a great idea, but limited funds and you know it will take some time to bring an MVP to the market and see results? The obvious solution for bootstrapping your business is to outsource the development team—at least for now.

Maybe when you get funded you can hire a team of in-house developers, but right now the most important thing is just to get your product built before you run out of money.

Hiring a team of Iglu’s eskimos is a cost-effective strategy to make your vision become a reality.