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Iglu offers skilled, certified cloud developers, engineers and architects, to design, migrate, optimize, and maintain cloud  environments.

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Spending more on the cloud than you need?

Cloud Financial Management is the discipline and process by which IT and project teams optimize the financial performance of their cloud investment and provide the business with insights to enable intelligent and informed decisions.

Measurement & Accountability

Identify, measure and provide accountability for the cloud costs. Establish transparency to ensure visibility, accountability and rationality for spend.

Cost Optimization

Identify waste, build cloud-friendly architecture that scales based on demand, and improve cost efficiency.

Planning & Forecasting

Understand how costs are associated with the current and future needs. This drives to more accurate financial and business planning.

Financial Operations

Identify and invest in people, processes, tools and automation to support cloud financial management.

Tactics without strategy is just the noise before defeat

Achieving strategic goals requires execution of cost efficient and measurable tactical capabilities, as “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory”.

Every organisation has needs for both strategic and tactical applications that would provide tangible benefits to customers or employees that fail to be realised due to the cost prohibitive upfront capital investment in traditional application design, software acquisition, and hosting.

Iglu recognises that these applications and services that may have high quality of life impact but low volume, or conversely, minor quality of life impacts for a great number of people are perfect candidates for Cloud Native and Serverless Applications, where operational costs can be more closely aligned with tangible, measurable business outcomes. Having this tactic in your toolbox, and being able to execute it is a necessity.

Business Agility appears in every Digital Transformation strategy. 

Entire industries are going through the digital disruption shake up, and to many it is clear, if you cannot change, or continually adapt, the risk of becoming irrelevant is significant.

The impact of these two words on how businesses execute and deliver products and capabilities has been profound. This has resulted in new approaches and methods for running projects or a shift to product over project development, as well as a new philosophy and culture of shared responsibility

One of the foundational capabilities to emerge from this necessary shift is DevOps. 

DevOps at its core, is based on the fundamental belief that the culture of shared responsibility to deliver business outcomes, rather than technology is absolutely essential to enable business agility.

The speed at which organisations must deliver change, the required correlation to business outcomes and this close collaboration between previously isolated or walled teams has required organisations to take a real in depth look at how they measure business, project or product outcomes, and the relationship between empirical measurements from each. 

In almost all cases that Iglu has observed, a need for stronger capabilities in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) emerges.

Leveraging AWS comprehensive suite of tools, Iglu’s certified experts boost your abilities and insights from your CI/CD functions to deliver on your DevOps strategy.

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